Presenting Ministries

  • Agape Development Ministries

    Agape Development Ministries

    At Agape Development, we are transforming our neighborhood by preparing Christ-following, independent, community-minded adults. We believe in one…

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  • Alpha Houston

    Alpha Houston

    Alpha is the most effective evangelism tool of our time because it creates a safe, non-threatening environment for…

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  • Ananias House

    Ananias House

    The mission of Ananias House is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Arab world, to…

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  • Anchorsaway


    The Anchorsaway curriculum was not written from a religious or a church perspective, but rather through the eyes…

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  • As Our Own

    As Our Own

    We are a Christ-based, community-driven movement in India that rescues vulnerable children from certain enslavement and exploitation, caring…

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  • Back2Genesis


    To restore a Biblical view of origins in the church and culture by upholding the authority of the…

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  • Ballard House Ministry

    Ballard House Ministry

    We provide no-cost housing for patients and their families who have traveled to the Houston area to receive…

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  • Bethel’s Place

    Bethel’s Place

    Bethel’s Place, Inc. is dedicated to empowering communities by holistically equipping the underserved from birth to burial with…

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  • Brookwood Community

    Brookwood Community

    The Brookwood Community provides a God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for adults with disabilities. We promote a well-deserved…

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  • C2Family


    C2Family inspires, equips, trains and sends families to change the outcome for generations.

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  • Camino Global

    Camino Global

    Train, equip, and disciple Spanish speakers throughout the world; Resource and mobilize Spanish speakers to reach the world.

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  • Camp Blessing

    Camp Blessing

    Few Christian camps in the country specialize in ministering to children and young adults with special needs and…

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  • Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

    Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

    We partner with other organizations, including area churches, YMCAs, day cares, and apartments to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ…

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  • China Resouce Center

    China Resouce Center

    Reflecting the relevance and love of Jesus Christ, we exist to equip and strengthen the growing Chinese church…

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  • Clay Leadership Institute

    Clay Leadership Institute

    Provide leadership training and resources for youth workers in the United States and Latin America, and provide leadership…

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  • Club Impact

    Club Impact

    Draw in, Build up, Send forth

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  • East West Ministries

    East West Ministries

    East-West exists to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply…

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  • El Centro Network

    El Centro Network

    Established in 2016, El Centro Network is an inter-confessional 501c3 ministry whose vision is to see Spanish speakers…

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  • Elam Ministries

    Elam Ministries

    Elam Ministries strengthens and expands the church in the Iran region and beyond by: (i) Train leaders to…

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  • Every Generation Ministries

    Every Generation Ministries

    Transforming children in Christ through His church. Every Generation Ministries Location: Worldwide Contact: Daniel Watts Telephone: 951-587-3825 Website:…

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  • Every Village

    Every Village

    We exist to glorify God through the transformation of every village in South Sudan by the spread of…

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  • Eyes on Me, Inc.

    Eyes on Me, Inc.

    Share the Gospel and make disciples in the darkest, most underserved communities around.

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  • Faith Comes by Hearing

    Faith Comes by Hearing

    Produce audio recordings of Scripture in heart languages and make them available - free of charge - by…

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  • Faith in Practice

    Faith in Practice

    Based on the understanding that as people of God, we are called to demonstrate God’s love and compassion,…

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  • Faithful Fathering Initiative in Texas

    Faithful Fathering Initiative in Texas

    FFIT works to encourage and equip dads in their role as a father by offering workshops, small group…

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  • Feed The Need

    Feed The Need

    Feed people both physically and spiritually. By providing a hot meal each week we follow Christ’s model of going into…

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  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    FCA presents to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus…

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  • Firm Foundation Romania

    Firm Foundation Romania

    Firm Foundations Romania is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and assisting underprivileged children and families in Romania.…

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  • Five Talents

    Five Talents

    Five Talents fights poverty, creates jobs and transforms lives by empowering the poor in developing countries through innovative…

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  • Free Wheelchair Mission

    Free Wheelchair Mission

    The far-reaching affects of poverty, lack of education, limited resources and disease are unrelenting — and the need…

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  • Freedom Church Alliance

    Freedom Church Alliance

    To unite and mobilize the church to fight human trafficking in our city.

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  • Freedom Mission International, Inc

    Freedom Mission International, Inc

    Freedom Kids is a uniquely designed and amazing effective program that teaches God’s Word to children at the…

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  • Freedom Place

    Freedom Place

    Freedom Place is a Christ-centered care and recovery center for underage female victims of domestic child sex trafficking.…

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  • Galveston Urban Ministries

    Galveston Urban Ministries

    GUM is a faith-based organization that develops holistic relationships to alleviate poverty and transform the community we love!…

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  • Generation One

    Generation One

    We're committed to the spiritual growth and physical rebuilding of the impoverished areas of the Third Ward. Generation…

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  • Global Field Evangelism

    Global Field Evangelism

    Equipping poor and under-equipped pastors in Africa; potentially the global south.

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  • Global Frontier Missions

    Global Frontier Missions

    GFM equips people to pray, give, and go to the remaining 6900 unreached people groups of the earth.…

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  • Global Media Outreach

    Global Media Outreach

    Global Media Outreach is a non-profit organization with the vision to share Jesus with everyone, disciple and connect…

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  • Grace School of Theology

    Grace School of Theology

    Seminary-level training once meant uprooting your family and ministry to "go to school," going into substantial debt, and…

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  • Gracewood


    Gracewood rescues single mothers and their children across the Greater Houston area by providing Home, Hope and Healing.

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  • Greenspoint Mission

    Greenspoint Mission

    Mission Greenspoint exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals. Our Mission is to help people…

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  • Groundwire


    Groundwire offers you the opportunity to leverage the world's technology to connect thousands of un-churched young people with…

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  • Groundwire (Champion Ministries)

    Groundwire (Champion Ministries)

    Leverage mainstream media (Radio, TV, Outdoor, Social Media) to proclaim the powerful, unchanging, and life-transofmiing message of Christ’s…

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  • Hardwired


    We train indigenous leaders and connect them through multi-faith coalitions to influence legal issues and public opinion in…

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  • Heart for Lebanon

    Heart for Lebanon

    Non-denominational Christian organization that is creating faith-defining experiences that give under-resourced families and children in Lebanon the chance…

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  • Houston Legal Aid

    Houston Legal Aid

    Through the utilization of the legal profession, start new churches or revitalize existing churches struggling to adapt to…

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  • Houston Prays

    Houston Prays

    The Houston Prays task force is a diverse group of leaders representing many regions, ethnicities and traditions within…

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  • Houston Pregnancy Center

    Houston Pregnancy Center

    To provide practical and compassionate support to women in unplanned pregnancy situations.

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