The Benefits of Joining The Barnabas Group

Membership benefits defined
      The Barnabas Group (TBG) members leverage their strengths for the benefit of ministries and the Kingdom. We connect and network with ministries who learn from each other and share ideas and best practices.
      The Barnabas Group provides a safe place for Christian leaders and ministries to connect, work together, encourage and engage one another, all with the same purpose: To be used by God, through what He places on your heart.
      The Barnabas Group is collaborative - not competitive. At any given meeting, you'll find like-minded members who have a heart to serve in the same category as you, providing peer-to-peer collaboration.
      The Barnabas Group focuses on presenting opportunities that fit your individual talents, gifting, network and resources. TBG is not ‘donor driven’ - there are no development people - it is member funded through annual member donations and there are rarely direct appeals for funds at TBG meetings.
Kingdom Benefits of Membership

What would happen if The Barnabas Group didn't exist? Here is a small snapshot of what membership provided in 2013 at various chapters:

  • Over 3,000 people attended chapter meetings nationwide.
  • Keynote speakers presented Biblical-based challenges to members.
  • Special lunches with ministry active leaders at distraction-free venues.
  • Brought together young TBG members for a special meeting.
  • Helped various ministries strengthen by holding Building Your Business Plan, Fundraising, and Donor Discipleship.
  • Completed several ministry SWOT Team meetings throughout the year.
  • Networking meal-time events allowed members to meet and connect with other members.
  • Several ministries interacted with members at TBG events.
  • Several ministries presented their ministry mission to members.
  • Members only relationship building in a meal-time setting.
  • Over 100 ministries interviewed and helped directly by TBG members.
  • Began a partnership with an accredited university.
  • Ministry Service events attended by members. For example, members volunteered to attend a food packing day event to pack meals to feed 11,000 in Sierra Leone.
  • Member sponsorship and partnering of select ministry events.
  • Group travel of TBG members to foreign countries to evaluate and serve select ministries.

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Our mission is to see the time, talent & network of marketplace & other Kingdom leaders help ministries in way that is cohesive with their objectives - from small start-ups to large international organizations - transforming lives worldwide.

We want to scratch that itch to be used powerfully by God to bear fruit that lasts you likely have, using your unique combination of spiritual gifts, strengths, passions & experiences. Sign up today and become a member!

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