About Our Chapter

Set apart to impact ministries

Since 2000, The Barnabas Group and its members have powerfully impacted both local and global ministries. TBG knows that when a member’s personal passion, network, time, resources, unique abilities and gifting converge with a Kingdom-minded ministry, the return on investment is exponential.

A lot happens before an event

Ongoing meetings occur throughout the year between TBG and ministry leaders. Initially, these meetings likely include an interview process and a SWOT analysis. Additionally, select members and managing partners advise the ministries, collecting intricate details of the ministry's operations. Throughout each conversation, the Barnabas Group is looking for ways its members can come alongside what God is doing through a specific ministry.

An event like no other

Quarterly meetings give pre-screened ministries the opportunity to present their diverse passions, purposes, plans and predicaments to experienced and motivated leaders in the marketplace and other ministries. After being introduced to a presenting ministry, TBG members decide individually whether or not to take a next step and become more involved.

Special events also occur throughout the year to facilitate connection among members and introduce friends to The Barnabas Group.

A vision of generosity

We want to see marketplace leaders engaging in Christian ministry opportunities, giving generously from their time, talent and treasure and multiplying Kingdom impact through new Barnabas Groups launched in major metropolitan cities throughout North America.

Creating value for the Kingdom

Above all, we value a personal commitment to make Jesus Christ the leader of our life. We want our every day choices to reflect that He is the One we serve.

We value engagement in our Kingdom Calling. By identifying where God’s Kingdom-purpose, our God-given abilities and our God-honoring passions overlap, we can begin to identify how we were created to impact the world in a unique way.

We value godly character. In everything we do and say we want to model integrity so that our biblical beliefs are consistent with our actions.

We value collaboration. To achieve the greatest Kingdom impact, we must work together across regional, denominational, organizational, racial, and cultural lines to leverage our resources and fulfill God’s purposes.

How did all this get started?

The Barnabas Group, founded in 2000 by Bob Shank and Jim West, was a next-step for Christian leaders who had discovered their personal Kingdom Calling through The Master’s Program and were seeking wise opportunities to make an eternal investment. Currently, TBG is made up of graduates and current participants of The Master’s Program as well as other Christian men and women who are leading in ministries and the marketplace.