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Life is not a spectator sport

Let's all get in the game!

God will hold you accountable for the things you were supposed to do and didn’t. Why be too busy doing things He didn’t ask you to do and not afford yourself the time to do the things He did ask you to do? The Barnabas Group can help you maximize your time doing things.

Becoming a member of The Barnabas Group is like becoming an investor of your time, talent, and network in critically needed areas of Kingdom work vision and strategy, serving select ministries pro bono with your marketplace talents.

What you have to offer is far more than what you've been told, and can have a far greater impact in the Kingdom of God, in Jesus name, when you attend The Barnabas Group.

TBG was founded to honor God and expand his Kingdom through the unity of the body of Christ, locally and nationally, and as a ministry is solely designed to support and positively influence other ministries.

So, ask yourself, if Christianity were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

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Our mission is to see the time, talent & network of marketplace & other Kingdom leaders help ministries in way that is cohesive with their objectives - from small start-ups to large international organizations - transforming lives worldwide.

We want to scratch that itch to be used powerfully by God to bear fruit that lasts you likely have, using your unique combination of spiritual gifts, strengths, passions & experiences. Sign up today and become a member!

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A Ministry That Helps Ministries

The Barnabas Group was created to bring diverse value to ministries locally and globally. We provide our members with ongoing opportunities to use their time, gifts, abilities, network and/or resources to support pre-screened Christian ministries.

Help Ministries Launch and Grow

The Barnabas Group comes alongside select non-profit ministries at quarterly events and helps them over their organizational or external hurdles, helping with business plans, marketing plans, collaborative relationships, and more.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Membership provides a platform for local, nationwide, and global ministries each year to ask Christian leaders to come alongside them and give of their talents to help their ministries be used in advancing God's Kingdom.

Chapter Operation

TBG members and their spouses meet through a variety of fellowship-based events and ministry featured encounters

Meetings often include speakers that address current events of great interest to members. There will be no charge to members for these events, but donations to select ministries are encouraged. Opportunities for short-term mission trips are made available to TBG members.

Members with further interest are asked to serve with chapter members on a SWOT Team to brainstorm on solutions to issues or problems with a ministry. Occasionally members hold a seminar for local ministries to bless, encourage and educate them.

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