Ministry Category: Evangelism

PLUR Life Ministries

Plurway Branch: We send teams of older moms and dads to RAVES in order to share the Gospel, help kids in trouble and rescue those in danger. Camp 33 Branch: We take the ravers and meet on an off-road jeep weekend journey with fun activities - infused with the Gospel. Hangar 33 Branch: Will someday…
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Groundwire (Champion Ministries)

Leverage mainstream media (Radio, TV, Outdoor, Social Media) to proclaim the powerful, unchanging, and life-transofmiing message of Christ’s love to youth and young adults everywhere and provide an outlet for them to engage in conversations for answers and to find hope.
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Alpha Houston

Alpha is the most effective evangelism tool of our time because it creates a safe, non-threatening environment for people to experience Christian community, explore the Christian faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is especially effective at connecting with seekers and non-Churched people.
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